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“Goody,” said Wystan

21 Aug

It was sad, sad as dying, to leave these loved ones behind. But neither Wystan nor Christopher wanted to admit that this was in any sense a death or that they were the objects of a wake. As the boat train pulled out of the station and they need wave no longer, Christopher felt a quick upsurge of relief. He and Wystan exchanged grins, schoolboy grins which took them back to the earliest days of their friendship. “Well,” said Christopher, “we’re off again.” “Goody,” said Wystan.

Christopher and His Kind, Christopher Isherwood

As I decorate my apartment and run errands and generally find my feet in this new place, I find myself thinking of what got me here. I owe a lot to the Cambridge Spies. I owe a lot to the Christopher Isherwood Binge of 2013. I owe a lot to my parents, and  India, and Tanya, and Katy, and the other storytellers I surround myself with. Here’s to the next three years at The Ohio State University, and here’s to the new face of I Hadn’t Realized.