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The Work Continues

23 Apr

Anthony Blunt completely took over my thesis. References to his memoir permeated every corner. Even after I handed it in three weeks ago, I was still left thinking of all the things I had left to say.

Most writing is unfinished. One day a writer decides to stop and let that be that. Although I was familiar with the concept as a writer of fiction, I had not predicted that I would come to the end of a one hundred page academic document with more left to say. But so it was. I began by wondering about loyalty, genre, and confession. Loyalty fell by the wayside early on–it was not multifaceted enough to warrant an in-depth examination–and confession was put off and put off and put off until it was very nearly dropped altogether. There simply wasn’t room. What remains of my confession thread is a few references in the discussion of journalists’ response to the Blunt memoir: they expected it to be a confession, complete with apology, and read it accordingly.

Genre moved to the forefront, in what was ultimately a good decision on my part. George Smiley maintained a stranglehold on his chapter, but did not insert himself into the overall argument very much. Almost all my fall semester reading became irrelevant, but that was all right. Maybe next time.

I would like to know: are there plans to publish the Blunt memoir? If so, who is leading the charge, and do they need a research assistant?